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We are always working closely with our development team at SolidCast Polymer Technology to add to our list of chemically resistant, ultra strong, and long lasting line of RockHardSCP products. Each of these products can be further tailored to your exact needs. If we don't already have a great solution for your purposes, we'll make one.

RockHard SolidCast Polymer

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RockHardSCP™ is a revolutionary, patented, high-strength, and 100% corrosion resistant polymer material-of-construction designed and engineered as the superior product available to those industries where structural corrosion is an issue.  Whether it be producing precast structural products, meeting in-field cast-in-place requirements or providing pre-packaged rehabilitation products – RockHardSCP™ is your product of choice! 

The Green SCP Technology behind RockHardSCP™ is the development and commercialization of a sustainable, cost-effective polymer concrete-like composite product, eliminating hazardous chemical substances and formulating a "cradle to cradle" design by utilizing and/or generating non-hazardous, reclaimed, renewable, and re-usable products.  The basis of this technology is the utilization of non-hazardous raw materials in combination with an environmentally responsible manufacturing process. 

With physical properties and characteristics that meet or exceed all relevant ASTM, DOT and ACI standards, P3 Polymers products offer significant competitive benefits including:


100% Corrosion Resistant

RockHardSCP™ has been designed to help ensure corrosive resistance, never needing protective linings, coatings, or gel coats. Thorough testing has been undertaken to ensure corrosion protection across all products. These tests have shown RockHardSCP™ is corrosion resistant from pH = 1 to pH = 14.0 in continuous service. 


Environmentally Responsible

P3 Polymers products contain No HAP's, No VOC's, No Styrene, and our resin carries the U.S. Green Building Council LEED’s certification. 


P3 Polymers products are completely non-porous, thereby eliminating the risks of ground water infiltration and sewage exfiltration. This trait also eliminates the need for seams or welds, and removes the need to add special linings or coatings inside or outside the product. 

Rugged & Durable

Requires no special bedding during installation, and is durable and resilient. Also, unlike fiberglass, RockHardSCP™ maintains its shape during installation. 


Unlike competitive polymer products, SolidCast Polymer bonds completely to steel and other reinforcement media.  This allows our precast product’s load-bearing capabilities to be enhanced by utilizing steel or plastic rebar, wire mesh or pre-stressed wires as reinforcement. 

Lighter Weight

RockHardSCP's superior physical properties allow for thinner walled products.  As a result, RockHardSCP™ structures are lighter than concrete, easier and safer to handle, and can be installed using lighter-duty equipment, facilitating faster installation and increased job-site productivity. 


P3 Polymers products meet or exceed ASTM, DOT, and ACI standards, do not require spark testing, and can be vacuum tested (ASTM - C 1244). 

Greater Life Expectancy

We back up our material with a 50 year corrosion warranty, because we know that RockHardSCP™ structures will take anything you throw at it.

Structural Cast-in-Place

Structural C.I.P. is designed to conquer those situations where pre-cast RockHardSCP™ just doesn’t fit the bill. Carrying the same superior strength and corrosion resistance as RockHardSCP™, but in a cast-in-place package, Structural C.I.P. is perfect for rebuilding crumbling concrete walls floors, or nearly any other structure where full replacement isn’t viable. We offer training for the simple mixing and casting procedures and we back this product with the same 50-Year Corrosion Warranty as all of our products. 


UltraLite is our bread and butter grout for most assembly operations. We use it between RockHardSCP™ sections for manhole units as well as a number of other structures. Its extreme light weight, perfect consistency, and strong initial grab to the work surface makes it easily trowelable on vertical or even upside down surfaces. It has a density three times lower than concrete with an even greater strength. Not to mention, UltraLite, like all of our products, is impervious to almost all chemical attacks. UltraLite is the perfect compliment to RockHardSCP™.


UltraBond is a grout is our highest strength structural adhesive. Designed to withstand the high pressures of underground tunnels, UltraBond is perfect for structures where high loads or hydrostatic forces are an issue. In testing, not only did UltraBond stand up to 28 thousand PSI, it also re-bonded to itself as soon as the pressure was released, leaving the sample as strong as ever. We use UltraBond for assembling tunnel segments as well as assembling large sumps or wet-well boxes on site. 

Under Water Epoxy

For structures near or carrying water, a major expense on contractors has been ensuring the construction area stays dry so that their grouts or coatings can cure properly. Think of the expense associated with completely shutting off the water flow in an active drainage tunnel while installing a slip-lining or coating. At P3, we’re in the business of saving contractors and municipalities time and money, so we developed our Under Water Epoxy. U.W. Epoxy is not only a super strong and corrosion resistant grout, but it can be applied to surfaces completely submerged in water with no adverse effect to the curing process or long term strength.  

Concrete Repair Material

The most versatile grout in our range, C.R.M. can be used to fuse manhole components, floor panels, and Sump box components as well as being an ideal patching material for existing concrete tunnels or manholes. It has the perfect viscosity and tackiness to be troweled on to vertical or upside down surfaces with generous thickness and no dripping, and that eliminates the need for multiple passes over the same area just waiting for inferior products to cure before building up the patch thickness. It should go without saying that just like every P3 Polymers product, it is high strength and corrosion resistant, so a patch or bond with C.R.M. will be solid for generations to come. 

#600 Water Stop

#600 is a two part, closed-cell, rigid elastomeric foam system for use as a functional core for a wide variety of applications. It is not friable and exhibits greater stiffness than typical urethane foams. The primary applications are large leak sealant, structural foam core, marine repairs and construction. Like UltraBond, #600 comes in side-by-side barrels for a double barreled caulk gun. This application method is a favorite among costumers and has proved to be extremely efficient.

Flex Fill

Flex Fill is a two component, pumpable, UV stable material for expansion joints and other situations where a limited amount of movement or vibrational resistance is necessary. Unlike other expansion joint materials, Flex Fill will form a permanent bond between the components that will not separate or corrode over time. 

Under Water Mastic

Under Water Mastic is our newest addition, and it is quickly becoming our favorite. It is an easy to use, two component mastic that will adhere to vertical and overhead surfaces even while wet and bond tenaciously to RockHardSCP™, Concrete, PVC, Steel, and just about anything else. It will cure harder than concrete and never let go of the surface you put it on.

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