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Here at P3 Polymers we may be using revolutionary technology, but we’re still guided by our old-fashioned values. Values like quality work and good stewardship. That is why we diligently strive to create new products that improve our cities and towns, and it's why we continually set new standards for multiple industries in terms of durability, environmental friendliness, and cost effectiveness. It is our mission to make sure that no community continues to bleed money into the maintenance and rehabilitation of their concrete infrastructure. That’s why we back all of our products with a 50-Year Corrosion Warranty, and it’s why we continue to push ourselves, our scientists, and our engineers to find solutions for all of our infrastructure failures.

Based in a rural community in southern Indiana, we are grounded in our appreciation for the important things in life. We know the value of family, faith, good friends, helping those around you, and taking the time out of a busy schedule to spend time with those around you. These are the things that truly make a town or city special. It's not about the infrastructure. It's about the people using it. At P3, we're providing infrastructure solutions that will last for generations to come. So town and city developers can spend less time on the structures and more time with the people.

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P3 Polymers, LLC 

885 S State Rd 57 

P.O. Box 494 

Washington, IN 47501 

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