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Manhole Rehab

Rehab Inserts

Corroded Manhole
Setting and Leveling Base Section
Rebuilt Invert
Rebuilt Invert
Setting Risers
Final Riser
Completed Insert
Short Base Section
Typical Riser Section

P3 Polymers' Rehab Insert System makes bringing an old corroded manhole back into service better than ever before an easy one-day project. There is no specialized coating truck or equipment and there's no waiting hours or days between coats. The whole process is completed in less than a day, allowing for lower bypass and labor costs.


Just remove the existing cone or flat lid, and prepare the existing manhole with a simple high-pressure wash. The base section is made short for easy setting and leveling with the provided shims, then you can quickly stack the remaining risers. Rebuilding the bench and invert is made easy with our Wet or Dry Polymer Grout, which sets up in under an hour. At that point, all that's left is to fill the annular space with an inexpensive flowable grout, install the new flat lid, and turn the flow back on.

When you're done, you'll be left with a manhole that is stronger than ever, corrosion resistant, and backed by our 50-Year corrosion warranty. In other words, once you're done, you'll never have to worry about that manhole again.

Quick Repairs and Maintenance

Unfortunately, not all manholes are polymer concrete, much less our polymer concrete. That means cities and towns often have to deal with routine maintenance or emergency repairs on their concrete manholes and wet wells. For when those repairs fall short of requiring a new manhole or even a rehab insert, we have a tag team duo of products that can permanently solve almost any manhole issue.

WDP Grout

Wet-or-Dry Polymer Grout

WDP Grout is a modified epoxy blend was specially designed for wastewater structures, and exhibits these features:

  • Hydrophobic properties- so it cures just as well on a dry surface, wet surface, or completely submerged

  • High viscosity and extra tack- so it stays where you put it

  • Enhanced bonding and corrosion resistance- so it will keep working for decades

  • High compressive and tensile strength- so the existing structure become stronger than before

  • No VOCs or styrene- so it's safe to work with in confined areas

  • Accelerated cure time- so you can get in and get out

WDP Grout works to rebuild benches and inverts to restore a smooth flow while adding a layer of corrosion resistance. It can also be applied to manhole walls to repair any corrosion damage and prevent further corrosion. In certain scenarios were there is infiltration at a riser joint, or around the pipe opening, WDP Grout can be applied to seal the leak. However this is only recommend for infiltration points with a slow flow rate. For more significant inflow points, we recommend our HTR 600.

HTR 600

2-Part Expanding Foam

HTR 600 is the perfect solution for repairing inflow points with moderate to very fast flow rates. The 600 comes in 2 tube pairs with a static mixing nozzle for use in a dual cartridge caulking gun. Simply drill through the manhole wall within about an inch of the infiltration, insert the static mixing nozzle, and pump the entirety of the tubes behind the wall. The foam will start expanding within 45 seconds, it will plug the inflow point, and it will strongly bond to the concrete to prevent any crack from spreading further. 

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