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Wastewater Management


SCP Manholes
SCP E-Cone
SCP Invert Install

RockHardSCP™ is the perfect solution to the common problems of regular concrete manholes. Due to its non-porous and 100% corrosion resistant properties, RockHardSCP™ Manholes never suffer from the same H2S deterioration as conventional manholes, giving you not only long-term savings but ever valuable peace-of-mind. 

The RockHardSCP™ Benefits: 

High Strength 

RockHardSCP’s compressive strength is twice that of concrete, its tensile strength is 3 times greater, and its flexural strength is over 6 times greater than concrete’s. This incredible strength allows for thinner, lighter, and more durable structures that allow for lighter equipment and easy installation. 

No Maintenance 

To combat corrosion and H2S acid, ordinary concrete manholes require thin linings to be sprayed on about once every 15 years, and it only covers the surface of the concrete. The coating application process is a continual cost both monetarily and in manpower. RockHardSCP™ is 100% corrosion resistant through and through. No need for any special coatings or linings. Ever. We back this claim up with our 50-year corrosion warranty. 

No Gaskets 

Standard concrete manholes as well as other polymer concrete manholes require rubber gaskets to be installed between each section of the manhole stack. This system does not bond the pieces and relies on the weight of the manhole and earthwork to keep the system together. Also, any gaps or seams in the gasket can result in leakage into the surrounding earth. RockHardSCP™ manholes use P3’s exclusive Ultra Lite Weight Grout to bond each section together forming one solid, water-tight structure. 

Long-term Cost Savings 

While the initial price tag of ordinary concrete manholes might be attractive, don’t be fooled. The rehabilitation and coating process that concrete manholes require every 10-20 years can cost as much or often even more than the original installation. RockHardSCP™ requires no future maintenance costs. It doesn’t take long for an investment in quality to more than pay for itself.

Rehab Inserts 

RockHardSCP’s strength and corrosion resistance, in addition to P3’s line of grouts and mortars, gives us the ability to produce thin inserts which fit inside of pre-existing concrete manholes to give them the benefits of the long-term, hassle free RockHardSCP™ system with no need for any future coatings. 

ULW Grout 

Weighing just 50 lbs. per cubic foot, while providing the corrosion resistance of RockHardSCP™, our Ultra Lite Weight grout as the complete package for concrete replacement. Whether it be joining our manhole pieces together or fixing mistakes from instillation, Ultra Lite Weight grout gives you the freedom found only with standard concrete until now. 

Bonds to steel 

The styrene in ordinary polymer concrete causes major issues with bonding to steel rebar. Although all may seem in order on the surface, micro-fissures form around the rebar and expand through the structure in the following months and years. These cracks are detrimental to the integrity of the build and result in long term deterioration. RockHardSCP™ bonds solidly to steel with no issue, because of our styrene free formula.  That means our structures can be steel reinforced for long-term durability. 


Unlike other polymer concretes, RockHardSCP™ contains absolutely no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). In addition to the inherent health and environment issues with HAPs/VOCs, they result in higher instillation prices on large jobs, as either fresh air has to be pumped into the working area, or workers need to wear respirators. RockHardSCP™ presents none of these concerns, as it is 100% HAP/VOC free.  

Custom made 

At P3, we don’t stockpile generic structures to try to adapt to your project, because we understand that every project is different and requires different features. That’s why we work with you to design and build custom structures to meet the exact requirements of your project. Best of all, our fast cure times means that this custom build process bares no extra cost to your time schedule. 

72" SCP Manhole
SCP E-Cone being Lowered


RockHardSCP™ is the first ever concrete-like polymer to be used for sewage tunnels, because our styrene-free, green technology has the strength and safety other polymer concretes simply can’t match. With a compressive strength of 12,000+ psi and 100% corrosion resistance, RockHardSCP™ tunnels are able to be installed and forgotten, with no need for repairs or replacement for generations to come. We back this claim up with our P3 50-year corrosion warranty.  

Wet Wells

There are many advantages to using a wet well instead of a dry well, including the smaller footprint and cost effectiveness. However, traditionally maintenance can be a pain. RockHardSCP™ Wet Wells approach this issue by ensuring you never have to do maintenance or repair on the RockHardSCP™ housing. The H2S produced by bacteria in wastewater quickly deteriorates the concrete walls of conventional wet wells, resulting in costly and frequent rehabilitation and coating. The H2S in wastewater, or any other corrosive chemical for that matter, has absolutely no effect on RockHardSCP™, so frustrating concrete maintenance can fade into the history books. 

SCP P3 Riser

Chemical Collection


If you need to transport corrosive waste, why use a corrodible trench? Concrete alone needs constant replacing, and even liners don’t last as long as you would like. That’s why we’ve made RockHardSCP™ trenches. Install them once and forget about them for generations to come. Your time should be spent focusing on your product, not worrying about your waste. 

Our RockHardSCP™ Trenches are custom built to meet your individual needs.

They are lighter, thinner, stronger, and more long lasting than any concrete trench could ever hope to be. 


SCP Trench
SCP Trench

With P3 Polymer’s innovative large structure precasting and assembly system, we are able to make sump boxes both large and small with simple on-site construction and low shipping costs. Just as with all of our RockHardSCP™ structures, the RockHardSCP™ Sumps are ultra-strong, extraordinarily corrosion resistant, and backed by our revolutionary 50-year corrosion warranty. Stop spending unnecessary time, money, and effort rehabilitating an inferior concrete sump, and invest in the latest in corrosion preventing technology. 

SCP Sump

Floor Panels

Perfect for chemical treatment plants or any other manufacturing facility that experiences either spillage on the floor or drainage over large sections of floor, RockHardSCP™ Floor Panels provide a corrosion free system to escape the cycle of constant repairs and coatings. The non-porous RockHardSCP™ Floor Panels in combination with our exclusive FlexFill and UltraBond grouts guarantee absolutely no chemical leakage into the sublayer and no cracking due to settling over time or the force of heavy equipment. RockHardSCP™ Floor Panels are the best option for the health of the surrounding environment and the long-term costs of dealing with corrosive materials. 

Electrical Trenches

With our exceptionally strong, non-porous, and corrosion resistant RockHardSCP™ Cable Trenches, you can rest easy about the safety of the cables you rely on. These trenches are light weight and easily installed, while still standing up to corrosion, abrasion, and freeze/thaw cycles. Why put the cables we all rely on in an inferior trench when the safest option is already here? 

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