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Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Life cycle cost analysis is a method used in wastewater infrastructure construction to evaluate the total cost of a project over its entire lifespan. This includes all costs from design and construction to operation, maintenance, and eventual replacement. By analyzing the costs and benefits of various options, life cycle cost analysis helps decision-makers choose the most cost-effective and sustainable solution. It is important because it ensures that the long-term costs of a project are considered, rather than just the initial investment. This results in more informed and sustainable decisions that provide greater value to stakeholders over time.

While polymer concrete structures often require a larger initial investment, they require no maintenance or rehabilitation such as the application of new liners. They also wont need to be replaced for 300 years at the very earliest. That is why polymer concrete manholes or wet wells become the most cost effective option in the context of a life cycle cost analysis.


A true LCCA is a more involved process, and would account for the time value of money as well as many other factors. However, this calculator is a quick and dirty way of estimating how often a manhole will need attention, and how much that will cost over a 50-year period.


All of the costs presented by this calculator are in addition to the initial investment to buy and install the concrete manhole, and all of these costs would be entirely eliminated by investing in a polymer concrete manhole at the outset.


Manhole lifespan calculations are estimates based on our best research and industry knowledge. All situations vary, and the lifespan of a manhole varies as well. 

All costs presented are estimates based on material plus labor plus any bypass and/or traffic control costs.

If you have reason to believe that the calculations presented are significantly incorrect, please let us know. We want to keep the information presented as accurate as possible.

Ready to see how polymer concrete manholes can start saving your city money? Contact us to get a quote or request more information. We'd love to hear about how you're currently handling your manhole corrosion and talk about what we can do to help!

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